Lime was a favorite with the Navy as a palatable combination for ingesting lime juice as a scurvy countermeasure.

Bathtub gin refers to any style of homemade spirit made in amateur conditions. It first appeared in the prohibition-era United States in reference to the poor-quality alcohol that was being made.

The French claim they have been involved in gin making for over 450 years dating back to the 16th century.

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Gin production in the United States dates back to colonial times, but the great boost to Gin production was the advent of National Prohibition in 1920.

Tonic originally was put together as an anti malaria concoction in colonial India. Quinine was added to carbonated water to give Indian Tonic and mixed with Gin to make it more appealing.

A tequini is a martini made with tequila instead of dry gin.

The favorite cocktails of several former U.S. Presidents are reported to include:

  • Gin and tonic (Gerald Ford)
  • Martini (Herbert Hoover)
  • Rum and coke (Richard Nixon)
  • Bourbon (Harry Truman)

WC Fields would start the day with two double martinis. He would have one before and one after breakfast. He was also known to take an oversized cocktail shaker full of Martinis to the studio for the days shoot. He drank about two quarts of gin a day.


Initially gin started to be as a drink which has most of the medicinal effects rather than a social drink. Most of the customers prefer gin over vodka, wine and beer for these gin health benefits.

There are several interesting facts about gin or we can say there are so many gin trivia. Let us see one by one. Firstly, the gin trivia is about its fragrance. There are so many gin brands and each one of them has its own fragrance. Here lies the main gin trivia that the difference in fragrances of these gin brands is very huge. Many people still do not know this as they have tasted only one or two brands but you can start checking out the different brands and discover the difference. Another Gin Trivia is that every gin brand has its own botanical herbs contents. It is this mixture of botanicals spices that creates different fragrances in the drink. Most botanicals have healing and health effects in the ingredients or the contents used in the drink and this is the reason for different tastes and fragrance of the drink.

Yet another gin trivia is that each and every gin is distilled very differently. There is one premium gins and other classic gins and yet another type of gins. The premium gins are distilled almost 3 to 5 times so that all the impurities are removed. It is the impurities present in the drink which causes the hangovers. While the distillation process, each and every gin follow its own step of unique formula that provides its own special characteristics. When the premium gins are distilled, it makes them ‘hangover free’. But this should be noted that like any other drink if you drink too heavily then you will have hangover effect with this too.

Gin is produced in so many countries around the world and this is another gin trivia for gin lovers. If you go on checking the difference between a gin which is prepared in US and then a gin which is produced in England, you can easily find the difference while tasting it. While some gins are very dry, some comes out to be very sweet. Others may be bitter but yet other which you try might be very smooth. Each and every gin has its own step of unique formula which it applies during its making. It has its own special contents which are herbal and its own unique style of making it. Premium gin is hand crafted and it involves so many steps to produce a hangover free and quality liquor to its lovers.

Having so many positive effects on health of a person, yet this is not a drink which is asked most frequently by the customers in the bar in comparison to vodka, beer and wine. This is a gin trivia which anyone would be amazed to hear and know. But yet, gin drinkers have their own group and they associate their group as being sophisticated and intelligent group as compared to those who have other drinks. And it is a very well known experience for everyone that gin drinkers are more polite and friendly in comparison to others.

Gin Quote: “Like a great fool, I went ashore with them, and they gave me some cursed stuff they called gin—such blasphemy I never heard…this was the unchristianest beastliest liquor I ever tasted.” – Edward John Trelawny, Adventures of a Younger Son

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