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New Amsterdam Straight Gin

Long-time gin consumers and new discoverers of the classic spirit alike have a modern new gin option with a taste so smooth you can drink it straight — New Amsterdam Straight Gin. With its distinctive, sleek packaging and its smooth, unique citrus taste, New Amsterdam is poised to capture the attention of those craving a premium, sophisticated new presentation of gin.

New Amsterdam’s unique recipe sets it apart from other gins in its flavor and smoothness. New Amsterdam Gin is crafted with botanicals, citrus elements and a light touch of juniper to create an unparalleled, smooth taste. A taste so smooth you can drink it straight.

New Amsterdam was the former name of the original Dutch settlement that is today, New York City. As a gin that is contemporary and timeless, New Amsterdam pays homage to the Dutch origins of gin, while still capturing the trendsetting and sophisticated culture of New York City. With a distinctively different bottle design that prominently frames Manhattan’s iconic cityscape through smooth, sleek lines, New Amsterdam is a premium spirit that sets itself apart from others on any shelf — a perfect reflection of its superior taste of the gin.

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New Amsterdam Straight Gin is produced in Modesto, California by the New Amsterdam Spirits Company. For more information, visit their website:

Gin Quote: “I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast. You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” – W.C. Fields

Another American Gin Brand

Greylock Gin

A Taste of American Berkshire Mountain Spirit

Small distillers are enriched in American history, especially in old colonial and Revolutionary Massachusetts where publichouse debates ignited the patriotic essence of the American Revolution. It’s good to see that the independent spirit is still alive. A taste of Greylock Gin spells “nostalgia” in neon lights. One can almost feel the presence of early Whig leaders engaging the support of tavern assemblies to maintain resistance, and how courageous activism set the course for our new republic. Yes, Greylock Gin is as American as John Adams and the 4th of July.
The first thing you’ll notice is the pure freshness. Aromatic early morning Berkshire Mountain dew scented Juniper berries with coriander, anise, angelica root, orange peel, and cinnamon botanicals reaches out to you. So intoxicating that you may want to stop and enjoy the dreamy landscape before tasting its charm. Indulging the smooth richness of local spring water, Greylock Gin warms the taste buds with a pleasant and clean taste. It’s sophisticated elegance worthy of only exceptional premium gin. Greylock Gin is hand crafted in small batches at the Berkshire Mountain’s first legal distillery since prohibition. For more information on Greylock Gin and Berkshire Mountain Distillers, please visit:

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