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Gin is essentially a clear distilled grain spirit flavored with various natural botanicals. These natural botanicals vary from brand to brand and the different combinations give each its distinct character. Juniper is always predominant but other ingredients may include coriander, sage, cassia, nutmeg, rosemary, caraway and angelica root.

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Gin originated by accident when a professor of medicine tried to concoct a cure for stomach complaints using the diuretic properties of juniper berries.


Drinking moderate amount of any kind of alcohol is said to be very good for your health. And now, it is a reason for all to enjoy vodka, Gin and wine for their health benefits too. Companies are doing great work by jumping into greener side with all the certified spirits and combining them with pure water. Although organic wines can be found at many organic food stores but now organic vodka and Gin are popping across all the parts of liquor outposts.

One of the topmost Gin Health benefits is that it is said to be the best natural remedy for arthritis. And this gin is prepared from Gin soaked raisins. To have proper Gin Health effects this cure is used in following procedure. Firstly take out all the golden raisins and then pour it into a bowl and further cover that with the Gin. Further, let the Gin evaporate and then keep back all the moist raisins in a jar and close the lid. Then you can have almost nine raisins per day and you can see the Gin Health benefits with this.

Gin Alcoholic drink is made up by fermented cereals flavored mainly with juniper berries. And then it is further combined with coriander seeds, angelica, and cinnamon, orange and lemon peel. All these herbal ingredients give Gin a positive advantage of having many Gin health benefits. Another Gin Health Benefits is that it is very good source of losing weight. It helps to fight against the obesity. Drinking Gin helps you to have stronger and healthy bones. This in turn helps you to reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Helping to increase for a good appetite is yet another Gin Health benefits. It helps you to boost up your appetite and hence it helps you to become more strong and healthy. Gin also helps you in having great water retention in your body. This Gin Health benefit is due to the juniper berries which are present and acts as a herbal remedy for the diseases of kidney and liver. They have a diuretic action and here Gin helps in passing more water than any other alcohol. Another gin Health benefits is for the women who experience bloating that extends to the run up to their period, Gin provide a short term solution to this bloating. Although it has not been proven scientifically but it has been seen in many cases.

One of the disadvantages of Gin, which reduces gin health benefits, is that it is devoid of many vitamins and minerals as well as anti oxidants. Although many alcohols have so many positive effects on the health of a person when taken in right quantity. And Gin has many health benefits too when taken in right quantity but not in heavy quantity. Initially these Gin were very flavored but with the course of time, it has been made distilled for so many health benefits. It had een discovered long ago as one of the medicine which has all the gin health benefits for the people and that was mainly due to the presence of juniper berries in it. Today, so many people have gin for the medicinal and health benefits it offers to them.

Gin Quote: “Gin is a confusing drink. It’s the only liquid that’s both wet and dry.” – Jarod Kintz, 99 Cents For Some Nonsense

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