Best Gin Brands | Facts About Best Gin Brands

What are the Best Gin Brands?


Five Interesting Facts About Best Gin Brands

First, it’s fragrance. Every Gin brand has it’s own unique fragrance. The difference in fragrances between Gin brands is huge. Most consumers do not know a bad gin from a premium gin this as they probably have only tasted one or two Gin brands. Buy some different Gin brands like Tanqueray Bombay, Gordons Beefeater, Plymouth Gin or Hendrick’s Gin and make yourself a gin cocktail!

Second, every Gin brand has different botanicals (herbs and spices). The mixture of botanicals create the unique Gin brand fragrances and taste. Most botanicals are natural organically grown herbs known for their healing qualities. These botanical blends help create the unique fragrance that each Gin has. Magellan Gin is hand crafted in small batches, made from 11 exotic botanicals from around the world, and distilled 4 times. Citadelle Gin produced in a French cognac distillery with 19 botanicals sourced from around the world, ranging from Sri Lankan cinnamon to almonds and lemon rind from Spain, Grains of Paradise from West Africa and Moroccan coriander to licorice from China.

Third, every Gin is distilled differently. Top Selling Premium Gins are distilled 3 to 5 times to remove impurities. Impurities cause hangovers. In the distilling process, every gin has its unique formula that provides it’s special characteristics.

The word Gin is an English shortening of Genever, the Dutch word for juniper. Gin does not require any aging, and is relatively easy to make by mixing raw alcohol with juniper berry extract and other flavorings and spices in a large container such as a bathtub – the origin of the term ” Bathtub Gin “. Distilling out the impurities makes Premium Gins “hangover-free”. Of course, as with any liquor if you drink too much or use mixer drinks, you’ll get a hangover.

Fourth, Gin is produced in many countires around the world. A U.S. Gin tastes different from an English Gin. Some Gins are very dry, others are semi-sweet. Some are bitter, some are very smooth. Every Gin is specially crafted with a secret formula. Premium is hand-crafted and involves many steps to produce afine quality liquor. Most Gin brands are distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries.

Fifth, Gin is becoming a highly requested liquor drink compared with vodka or rum drinks.  Gin is associated with sophistication and intelligence. From experience, Gin drinkers are more polite and friendly.